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Over 50 Years of Achievement


The only thing that is constant is change.

The truth of that statement is well illustrated in the history of Huron County. Since its formation every aspect of its life has been subject to change as a result of both external and internal influences. Settlements have been formed, moved, grown, faded, thrived, or died. Populations have flowed in and out, bringing new people with new ideas and old ideas from elsewhere. Institutions and organizations have been formed, adapted, strengthened, weakened, and in some cases disappeared.

As this process of change goes on, our collective social memory has difficulty capturing and retaining the essence of those past entities. It is not that we want to cling to the past, but we know there is value in remembering the past because it helps us to understand how we got to our present, the foundations of the values we espouse today, and it enables us to appreciate the human qualities of our predecessors whose achievements brought us to our present state of affairs.

The Huron County Historical Society has provided us with the narrative which provides us with knowledge and understanding of Huron County and how we came to this day.
Each year since 1965, the society has produced an issue of Huron Historical Notes, to help us remember and understand our past in this area. Over 50 issues are available today, each one as important today as the day it came off the press as a contributor to our collective memory.

What a remarkable achievement!

The topics of “The Notes” cover the whole gamut of social activity, customs, values, local government, enterprise, tragedy and triumph.

A browse through over 50 years of historical research and story-telling yields the following sample, to name just a few:

Early development of municipal government
First Nations people in Huron
Township, village, and town histories
Lives of historical people of the past
Mechanics institutes
Industries of the past
Marine history of Huron County
Changes in agriculture
Education of bygone days
Various lodges
Members of parliament
Pioneer days and ways
Historic buildings

An index of all article titles from each issue is available under the Publications tab of this website. Soon, all issues except the three most recent will be available to all members of the society in searchable PDF format through this website. 



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