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We are an active and dedicated society operating under the charter of the Ontario Historical Society.

Throughout the year and throughout the County we hold general meetings open to both members and the general public featuring presentations on diverse topics related to the history and development of our county and its many communities. Our goal is always to bring stories of the past forward in a lively and memorable way to enlighten, entertain, and promote our visitors to explore the wonders of the many facets of history.

Each year we publish a new issue of Huron Historical Notes, a magazine format which contains one or more in-depth topics as well a salient news about the society's activities.

Huron County Historical Society also takes on an advocacy role for major projects of great importance to capture and retain material of historic importance.

One example is our "Plaque Project". We plan projects to commemorate important historical sites, persons, and events throughout the county through the installation of permanent plaques. We are encouraging each municipality to suggest plaques relevant to their respective area.

An even larger and more challenging project is aimed at the development of a central archive facility with satellite facilities for those collections which need to remain in their home community. A joint committee of many organizations has done extensive research on this topic, and the realization of this goal will involve partnering with many organizations and support from such groups and the people of the county.


The Huron County Historical Society was begun in 1924, but ceased meetings in the thirties – “it lived briefly but died of neglect” according to Gavin Green, a local wag at the time. The Society was reborn in 1964 under the guidance of Susan Muriel Mack, librarian of the Crediton Public Library and strong supporter and contributor to the Women’s Institute movement. Susan became the Society’s first president in 1964.

The purpose of the Huron County Historical Society is to discover, collect, preserve, and perpetuate historical information related to the discovery and settlement of Huron County. A considerable amount of information has been written regarding a few people and events, but most of the story of Huron County has never been gathered together, and some of this history has been lost because it has not been recorded. In 1965, the first edition of the Historical Notes was published and its annual appearance is anticipated by the Society’s stalwarts and supporters.

The Huron County Historical Society is a non-share, non-profit corporation with charitable status. The organization sustained by membership fees and small grants from the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation.



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